Fan Reviews

Jan Holberg  is a talent and ambisious  bass-player . He influenced by Mark King, Mezzoforte, Marcus Miller, Beatles, Stu Hamm, Sting, Frank Zappa .

After many years as a session bass-player, the urge to write original music became too big for Jan Holberg. In 2008 he dedicated to start to writing his own music beside being a bass-player.

Songs were written, and in the summer of 2009 he went into the studio with some local musicians from Throndheim, Norway.

After listening to the tracks the idea contacting some the musicians that has been a major influence to him come into mind.

In spring 2010 he went to Reykjiavik , Iceland to record the debut album “Sense Of Time”  musicians on the album:

Joe Lynn Turner- vocal( Rainbow, Deep Purple, Malmsteen)

Gulli Briem- drums (Mezzoforte, Earthaffair)

Eythor Gunnarsson- keyboards( Mezzoforte)

Skjalg Mikaelsen Raeen- Guitars ( Sambandet, Espen Lind)

Jan E. Holberg-bass player