Interview with JLT - 2017

Hello Mr. Turner! 


1.  It pleasure for me to talk to you again. This time we are celebrating seven years since creating the Bulgarian fan club. It has been really fantastic time during the years and I am sure it is much more to come.

Would you like to share your thoughts and emotions with the Bulgarian fans?



JLT: Well first of all let me thank all my fans in Bulgaria for the love and support they have shown me all these years. They are truly wonderful everytime I come to perform. My love and gratitude to all! I am looking forward to the shows in November with great aniticipation.


2. You are playing a lot of shows this year. The upcoming tour in Bulgaria is in November. You are a special guest on an anniversary tour of the band Ahat. What can the audience expecting from you?


JLT: I am honored to be asked to be a special guest on such a momentus tour. I am scheduled to sing 5 or 6 songs with the band. Mostly from Rainbow with maybe a classic Deep Purple track. The show will really rock and will be a historic occasion, so I hope everyone will be there to be part of it.


3. Bulgaria is a special place for you. You have been in many cities, but which is your favourite one and why?


JLT: That's difficult to answer. Every city has its own special feeling. From the valley, to the mountains and the sea. All different with its own magic. How could I possibly choose?


4. You are on tour the whole year, what should fans expecting from you next year?


 JLT: Yes, I am doing live shows all over the world and it doesn't seem to have an end. Touring continues through next year right now, but I will take time in October to record a new album for the 'Sunstorm' project. It sounds great so far, so look for the release date!


5. Your last album „ Emotional Fire“ war really impressive and powerdful. Are you planning a new album in the near future?


 JLT: Well if I may correct you 'Edge of Tomorrow' was the last Sunstrom album and it was very well received. I believe this new one will be even better!


6. Could you share a story which impressed you and you will never forget?


JLT: Well it's much too long to tell all the details here, but it was on tour with Deep Purple. I was friendly with the drivers of the cars. A man BBC and his son. We all thought they were just workers, but come to find out the father was actually the promoter of the tour and wanted to teach his son from the bottom up. I was the only one who knew the secret, because he trusted me in frindship. It taught me a huge lesson in humility and greatness.

 I have never forgotten this lesson. It has helped me all my life!


7.  Are there any music artists you are inspired by and if yes who are they?


JLT: Many artists inspire me, too many to mention. I am inspired by anybody who has the courage to live their dreams. Anyone who can believe in themselves no matter what they do. Not just musicians, but everyday people who work hard to support their families like my mother and father did. They are real heroes. Working class heroes like John Lennon wrote the songs. An artist should serve the people, they are nothing without their fans.

I am extremely grateful for the music I can give to my fans!


8. Could you finish the sentese: Let music …Be good for your soul!


JLT: Thank you for this interview and the music inspiration you are spreading every day Mr. Turner. I am wishing you wonderful upcoming  shows and unforgettable tour in Bulgaria. Rock On!


Thank you for all you do! Can't wait to see you again! Much love!

Hugs, JLT!