Interview with Joe Lynn Turner - Bochum 2015

Hello Mr.Turner,


It’s great to meet you again in Germany!


1. First of all thank you for this amazing Rated X album. Fantastic, powerful songs with a great message and spirit. How long did you work on this project and what are your future plans?


JLT: We worked on Rated X over a year, but not constantly. We had major breaks for long periods, but all in all about a year.


2. You just finished your acoustic tour in England. Why you decided to do an acoustic tour this time and how did it feel playing these intimate shows?


JLT: I love to chat with the fans, to find out what they are thinking and feeling and to answer questions they might have had for a long time. Acoustic format lends itself to this atmosphere, it is more one on one. It was a great time and I will do more of these type shows.


3. I heard that you and Richie are planning a Rainbow reunion. Is that true and when can we expect to hear and see Rainbow live again?


JLT: Well, there is a probability. I don’t know what our meeting in late fall will develop into creatively. A reunion…a re-make album …who knows. It’s still to be determined. There is a lot of press out there that are making it happen already. I guess they want to sell magazines…(laughing)! But nothing is written in stone…we shall see…fingers crossed!


4. There are certain songs in your live set that we already call “classics”, because people listen to them for decades. For example “I Surrender”, “Burn”, “Street Of Dreams”, “Stone Cold”, became part of many people’s lives. Can you describe the magic about these compositions and why it still feels like we hear them for the first time?


JLT: Music is magic! We live with it all our lives, it becomes part of us. We all relate to songs with our memories. These songs, and the like, are the songs that we remember as special times and places in our lives. They have the magic quality that touches people in a very unique way, emotionally, spiritually and physically. The songs become part of who we are and who we will be. Magic memories…painting the canvas of life.


5. People going to your shows feel inspired by your music and performance. Where do you get your inspiration from?


JLT: Sometimes within myself… sometimes outside of myself… people… life in general. I only write what is real…weather in reality or fantasy, both are ‘real’ to me. I have no separation from my life being a ‘fantasy’ or a harsh reality. We are what we create… life is a dream… don’t dream it… be it!


6. You have been on the X Faktor Bulgaria in February. That was probably exciting and a great experience for you. Do you have any plans to visit our country again this year?


JLT: Yes, fantastic experience! I was thankful for the invitation. I certainly hope to visit Bulgaria…It has many special memories for me and the people rock!


7. Let’s go back again to the Rainbow era. I would like to ask you something which has always been interesting for me: Every time before you perform “Can’t let you go” you have your arms crossed and your head down. What does this song mean to you and what are your thoughts in this moment?


JLT: Well… I never noticed that, because I am truly in the moment. Thanks for pointing that out to me. A singer has to re-create the moment if the song is to be truthful and sung with sincerity. I suppose I am finding that moment inside of me to feel the lyrics and the emotion.


As a singer you have to live these experiences over and over again… feel the pain… joy… whatever. We are actor in a sense. It’s tough sometimes, because you don’t want to relive the moment if it’s painful …but that’s life…and that’s singing. We are messengers of the truth…good or bad… and we say and feel what the others can not express. We are servants of the people, we are here to assist them in gaining self awareness… to look inside of yourself and feel what the song is saying. We are all human and we are all connected. I just bring that connection closer for us all.


As far as the meaning of the song …well… you can understand it anyway that it affects you personally… as it does me… my story is not so unusual. I just express it better than most. I am here for that purpose in life… I am a conduit.


8. At the end of the interview we are happy to announce that our Bulgarian Fan Club turns 5 this year. Let’s celebrate it and send a message to the fans. What are your wishes to them?


JLT: Congratulations for 5 years! Has it really been that long? …Time slips away so fast… Bulgaria has some of the best rock fans ever… especially in these times of the new paradigm in music. I can always count on Bulgarian fans to love and support me. They always have and never let me down! I love them for their loyalty!


Thank you very much for this interview Mr. Turner, It was my pleasure! I wish you All The Best and Keep On Rockin’!


JLT: Thank you …and for all you! I truly appreciate it!... Namaste!



Bochum/ Germany April 16, 2015