Ex-Rainbow and Deep Purple vocalist, Joe Lynn Turner, will be part of the Finals on The X Factor in Bulgaria Monday, February 9 at 8pm EET. The show will be live on Nova TV.

A friend sent JLT a video featuring Slavin Slavchev, one of the contestant singers on the show. Slavchev belted out an emotional and well-received version of "Can't Let You Go," a song that Turner co-wrote and sang when he was with Rainbow back in the early 80s. Joe was impressed and tweeted about it. The video went viral among Raibow fans all over the world.


Turner was actually surprised that this song was chosen because it's not the type that contestants on such a mainstream show would perform. However, JLT's Bulgarian fans were not shocked because Turner enjoys superstar status in that country. He's vacationed along the Black Sea and has even looked into the idea of buying a home in the country.

Joe is slated to sing "Street of Dreams" with Slavin Slavchev, a song that Turner feels is appropriate given the fact that Slavchev is hoping to achieve his "dream" of winning the X Factor.


JLT explains, "I am honored that they invited me to be a part of this show and sing this very appropriate song with Slavchev. The entire premise of the show is about people following their dream of having their talent recognized by a large audience."




Slavin Slavchev's "Can't Let You Go"