The third album of the project “Sunstorm” with the name “Emotional Fire”, which will come out on 24th of February contains 11 songs. The album shows powerful and gives us the feeling like the spirit of 70’s and 80’s are coming back. Joe demonstrates again his unique voice capabilities, gives us positive emotions and shares his energy.

The fresh spirit reminds for “Rainbow days” inspired by power and emotions. The unique style is preserved in each song. The songs are complex of sensitivity, emotions and in the love stories we can find ourselves. Even with nostalgic sound, they are showing strong character and carrying the young spirit of the past.

While the other rock ‘ n’ roll artists uses already their popular materials, Joe Lynn Turner works tirelessly and releasing new albums, working on new projects such asmoisturein themenergy whichdescribeshisstyleand character .This is the uniqueness of his creativity.

Once again Joe shows that the rock’n’ roll will never die- just revived, let’s enjoy it.


Album tracks:


1.  Never Give Up

2. Emotional Fire

3. Lay down your arms

4. You Wouldn’t Know Love

5. Wish You Were Here

6. Torn In Half

7. Gina

8. The Higher You Rise

9. Emily

10.Follow Your Heart

11.Al I Am



Joe Lynn Turner ( vocals)

Uwe Reitenauer( guitar)

Dennis Ward( bass, guitar and backing vocals)

Chris Schmidt ( drums)

Justin Dakey ( keyboards)


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