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With many years of experience on stage and being a lead singer of Rainbow and Deep Purple, Joe Lynn Turner has kept the charisma and the energy and immerses us in a new adventure of classic rock.


Now being a front man of "Rated X" band, he is offering another piece of quality hard rock. The new album will be available on November 7th in Europe and November 10th in America.


Тhe idea of “Rated X” came from the Frontier Records’ president Serafino Perugino. He suggested to Turner to put together a new rock band, including iconic names from the hard rock music scene.


It didn’t take long and the members were found: Carmine Appice, a former member of "Blue Murder" and former drummer of "Kiss" joined the group, as well as Tony Franklin who is best known for his work with musicians like Jimi Jamison, Paul Rodgers, David Gilmour, Whitesnake and many others. After a long search for the right guitarist Karl Cochran was found. He collaborated with Turner for a long time and has played on several of his solo albums.


It should be mentioned that on this "Rated X" album the Bulgarian virtuoso Nikolo Kotzev from the band "Brazen Abbot" also played guitar on some of the tracks.


The album contains twelve songs and it is characterized by great melodies and symbolic messages. The first track, "Get Back My Crown" has an explosive start. It’s a great opener and prepares us for the remaining portion of quality rock on the album. It’s followed by "This Is Who I Am", a dynamic song with bluesy flavored guitars and unbreakable lyrics.

“Fire And Ice” starts like a classic rock ballad, but quickly turns into a powerful rock hymn, guided by the infallible vocal performance of Joe Lynn Turner. “I Don’t Cry No More" has a driving drum beat, rough guitars and a powerful voice of Turner. "Lhasa" has an epic sound. It’s starting with a mysterious intro and a couple of seconds later it is followed by the ominous rumble of guitars, drums and the vocal explosion of Joe Lynn Turner.


The sixth song "Devil In Disguise" is full of heavy guitars accompanied by Turner’s raw and expressive singing. "You Are The Music" has a brilliant lead guitar performance. The song is melodic and full of harmony. The next track "Peace of mind" is a great rocking number with Joe Lynn Turner’s extraordinary vocals.


"Maybe Tonight" is a charming and dreamy song with a magical power in it. "On The Way To The Paradise" is another track full of power and excitement. "Our Love Is Not Over" is another melodic rock ballad with a beautiful guitar solo. The last song from the album "Strangers In Us All" is an interesting combination and a positive ending of this hard rock adventure.

The debut album “Rated X” is remarkable indeed. The songs are powerful and exciting with great, tight performances and the exclusive voice of Turner. They can really touch your heart. Joe Lynn Turner told me once: “Music is love and love is music”, because he always sings with his soul and gives a piece of his heart to the world.


“Rated X” is a conglomeration of high class hard rock musicians and a great, new inspiration for many people around the world and for the real hard rock lovers.


Thank you for the inspiration! Best wishes and a lot of success in the music adventure called Rock!


Band members:

Joe Lynn Turner: vocals

Carmine Appice: drums

Tony Franklin: bass

Karl Cochran: Guitars


Tack list:

1. Get Back My Crown

2. This Is Who I Am

3. Fire And Ice

4. I Don’t Cry No More

5. Lhasa

6. Devil In Disguise

7. You Are The Music

8. Peace Of Mind

9. Maybe Tonight

10. On The Way To Paradise

11. Our Love Is Not Over

12. Stranger In Us All


*All Keyboards, Hammond Organs and Backing Vocals by Alessandro Del Vecchio


* Nikolo Kotzev - all guitars on track- 8, 9, 11; lead guitars on track 12; additional lead guitars on track 4


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By Catherine Chankova   November 7, 2014